Primetime Access to Healthcare with NiMEDix Coin

Africa’s healthcare crisis has been said to be a situation of people being at the wrong place, at the wrong time because of the need to most times travel very far just to access quality healthcare. But, is this just a situation of wrong location and timing? Why travel far when quality healthcare can be accessed with a coin?

The popular Beveridge Report written by a British politician in the year 1942 hypothesized that there are 5 major problems of society that ought to be addressed. These are:

  • 1. Want
  • 2. Idleness
  • 3. Ignorance
  • 4. Squalor
  • 5. Disease

This report stated that the most important among this list is disease. Suggesting that if disease could be addressed then the society could have a wealthier population because of an increase in the population of healthy citizens.

As of 2019, Norway allocated about $6000 per citizen for healthcare. The United Kingdom was seen to have allocated about $3000 for healthcare per individual. Sadly, Nigerian citizens are allocated only about $6 per person by the government for healthcare.

The most recent reports of UNICEF announced that for children under age five an estimated 5.3 million died in 2018 and roughly half of those deaths are distributed across sub-Saharan Africa. Interestingly, Nigeria recorded more of these deaths than countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria all of whom were still devasted by war and unrest at the time of this report.

Dr. Jack Ovunda Omodu, a Nigerian doctor during his talk at TEDx Port Harcourt 2019 said; “I came across a lady who wanted to travel abroad just to get a circumcision for her son.” Her reason as presented by Dr. Jack was simple; She had a bad experience at a public hospital in Nigeria during childbirth and didn’t want to risk having the same experience again.

The Indian embassy is now a tourist site for Nigerians. People queue up in front of the consulate as early as 4am just to get a medical visa for an ailment that should be treated in Nigeria. Here is an alarming truth; out of the about 80,000 registered medical doctors in Nigeria from inception, 13,500 have left the country, and over 5000 trained Nigerian doctors work in the UK. Of the remaining 61,500 doctors, some are dead, others retired, and a good number do not practice medicine due to frustration. Even sadder is the fact that more doctors are ready to leave the country. At this rate, Nigerians may begin to look towards butchers when a surgical operation is needed.

The Nigerian healthcare sector is both a mess and a goldmine. It is a generally accepted quote that “youths are tomorrow's leaders.” Leading the present into their desired better healthcare future, the youth team of NiMEDix Ecosystem decided and built a decentralized healthcare ecosystem for Africa that will begin operations in Nigeria. Is Africa’s healthcare system that easy to resolve? Let us see.

What Is NiMEDix Ecosystem?

NiMEDix is best described as the 1st digital healthcare ecosystem in Africa that not only offers unrivaled telemedicine and health analysis services because of its Artificial Intelligence (AI) component but also revolutionizes both access to quality healthcare services and healthcare investment with the advantage of its Blockchain technology that keeps investments fraud-free and transparent within its decentralized interoperable ecosystem while upgrading health service with Rapid Process Automation (RPA) that displace unnecessary time and energy-consuming tasks for healthcare professionals thus catalyzing the increase in access to quality health service and better working conditions by providing on-ground equipment and advanced health solutions to medical institutions and service providers.

NiMEDix connects health industry players on its transparent network that also connects to healthcare customers (everyone) through a digital cryptocurrency NIM coin which is usable for healthcare transactions ranging from investments to payments. This is just a peek into the enormous potential of the NiMEDix ecosystem which can evolve as well as the opportunities presented by the NIM coin.

The Goal

From all indications, this innovative healthcare ecosystem aims to intuitively connect health service providers, facilities, and patients by utilizing their blockchain (Burstchain) within the bounds of business models to create a healthcare system that is strong enough to tackle health challenges as they emerge with trustworthy operations that lead to economic growth.

In simpler terms, NiMEDix is working to create a direct impact on all areas of the healthcare chain by connecting all parties in a single decentralized network that ensures transparency of funds appropriation, data privacy and interoperability, access to quality healthcare, and economic growth.

Benefits of the NiMEDix Ecosystem

The intelligent combination of AI, DLT, and RPA makes it very difficult to limit the possibilities of this healthcare ecosystem. This ecosystem can be ranked as one of, if not the most innovative healthcare solution for Africa. It is almost impossible to exhaust the benefits of the NiMEDix ecosystem but, here are a few you should have in mind:

  • 1. Investors can at any point in time trade their asset for profit on exchanges because of its digital nature - Easy asset liquidity
  • 2. With blockchain, the community and marketplace for healthcare products are unlimited in size - All present and future healthcare service providers, facilities, and patients can and will be accommodated on the chain.
  • 3. Real-time reward system backed by the current crypto trends and the endless need for healthcare solutions – Profit with the trend.
  • 4. Transparency and accountability for all parties on the ecosystem- Fraud free dealings and immutable records for patient data, investor funds, etc.
  • 5. Exceptionally higher accuracy of healthcare decisions and ecosystem practices with the NiMEDix AI – Smart and reliable decisions.
  • 6. Improved user experience because of the NiMEDix RPA component – faster and accurate automated processes that reduce waiting time, data sorting, etc.
  • 7. Boundless reserve of quality data for better health research and sustainability of the project.
  • 8. Privacy – From investor anonymity to personal health record privacy and control.
  • 9. Easy discounted cross border payments and benefits.
  • 10. Medical facilities upgrade and revenue generation for investors and healthcare facilities.

NiMEDix Investor Benefit – NIM Coin Owner

Can any more be said about the profitability of investing in Africa? The continent boasts of some of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Now we’re talking about investing in the most populated African country and the 7th most populous nation in the world. With this large population and the necessity of healthcare services, there is no overemphasizing the abundance of this profitable market to investors.

The NiMEDix ecosystem on the other hand can be viewed as the bridge that allows all classes of investors to access the Nigerian healthcare industry goldmine. To invest in NiMEDix is to purchase any amount of the ecosystem’s digital currency NIM coins at an initial exchange rate of $0.1 on The coin as earlier announced by NiMEDix will be available for purchase from 12 July 2020.

Some points for investors to note are:

  1. 1. NIM Coin value is predicted to appreciate as NiMEDix healthcare facilities expand.
  2. 2. NIM Coin value will rise as more players join the ecosystem.
  3. 3. NIM Coin value is dependent on healthcare demand – Healthcare demand in Nigeria is very high.

Some currency analysts have said that investing in NiMEDix now can be compared to investing in Bitcoin in its early stages. Like they say, “the early bird gets the worm.”