How Can Ordinary People Make Money With NiMEDix Coin?

Money, they say, makes the world go round. That’s unquestionable.

Now, the main dish is, how do you earn it?

One of the major ways of earning money is by making your money ‘work for you.’ Just as Robert Kiyosaki said in his book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, ‘The poor work for money, but the rich make money to work for them.’


The rich only buy assets. An asset is anything that brings money into your pocket. Therefore, investments in stocks and cryptocurrencies can be considered assets. Given the explosion of Bitcoin in the financial world, more and more eyes are being attracted to the cryptocurrency domain. 

Wouldn’t you want to take a look as well? If yes, you should check out the NIM coin. 

What is the NIM coin?

Before diving into the economic viability of the NiMEDix coin, we must understand what ‘NiMEDix’ is, and what it stands for. 

Behold! The fourth industrial revolution is just on the horizon; looming right above our heads. With technologies such as RPA (Robotics process automation), Artificial intelligence, and Blockchain leading the road, it is important we strategically position ourselves for higher gains.

Leveraging on the technological capabilities of blockchain, NiMEDix will solve Africa’s healthcare problems. By channeling the immutability characteristic of the blockchain technology, NiMEDix aims to solve medical challenges such as inefficiency in the systems, and potholes in the transfer of medical information.

Ultimately, this would spur an improved efficiency of our healthcare system and an overall increase in the health of the general public. 

What makes the NiMEDix coin an asset?

There is so much in this initiative for the healthcare sector. What about for you?

How can you benefit from this healthcare innovation and make a profit from it?

Well, since the NIM coin is a cryptocurrency, let’s look at this from a cryptocurrency point of view.

There are generally two ways in which you can make gains from any cryptocurrency:

  • Trading
  • Buying and holding (HODL)


The crypto-market is a volatile one. This means greater profit margins than fiat currencies. 

That been said, everyone can take advantage of the highs and lows of the cryptocurrency by buying low and selling high. This way, you make a profit. Ultimately, this always leads to short term gains.  

However, interpreting the market trend isn’t a child’s play. So, it is advisable to always get professional advice before opting for this means of earning.

Buying and Holding (HODL)

If you are eyeing long-term gains, hop on this train- this is for you!

Just as the name implies, all that is needed for you to do is to buy and hold. Here, in-depth knowledge about the technicalities of cryptocurrency isn’t required. All you need to do is buy and hold the coin- as the coin increases in value, your money grows. 

It is important you, however, do proper research about the coin you are planning to hold. If the coin is of good value, hop in. If not, don’t. 

Why should you buy and hold the NIM coin?

Generally, the proposition of this coin exceeds mere financial possibilities. It also has a positive effect on the healthcare sector. So, as long as the healthcare sector remains, the coin does too. 

This proves its sustainability. And, the more sustainable a coin is, the better its profitability.

Here’s an asset that can make your money work for you.

The door is wide open. Wouldn’t you love to jump on this wagon?

Get the NIM coin...