About Us

Let’s Introduce Ourselves


NiMEDix Ecosystem have been able to analyze very key challenges in the health sector of Africa and Nigeria, Brain drain and medical tourism, and understand the true challenge. We have created a bridge to transparent, efficient, traceable and inclusive (public) cycle of funding for the entire healthcare space.
NiMEDix is a hybrid idea proposition that clearly add all the benefits of blockchain to a traditional structure making it a truly disruptive solution, by opening up healthcare institutions to global resources and funds without the challenges and red tapes of centralized financing institutions.
NiMEDix at the moment is focused on Nigeria from the perspective NEED and BUSINESS opportunity, we aim to leverage the robust youth population and will to invest in technology and online solutions, placing Nigeria in the 5th position in the number of Bitcoin holders globally, over 750 million USD is spent yearly on sports betting, unemployment reaching 35%, all these negatives strengthen our decision and proposition to create an ecosystem that connects the healthcare sector to this AMAZING OPPORTUNITY to invest and benefit from the project.
The challenges are real and we must all collaborate to laydown the necessary infrastructure to accommodate the needs of booming population.

Our Best Team

Ochoche .D. Ubenyi | Founder/CEO NiMEDix Ecosystem

Ochoche .D. Ubenyi

Founder/Chief Executive Officer
Yanum .T. Emmanuel | Co-Founder/Lead Developer NiMEDix Ecosystem

Yanum .T. Emmanuel

Co-Founder/Lead Developer
Gift Akipu Adekwu | Co-Founder/International Relations NiMEDix Ecosystems

Gift Akipu Adekwu

Co-Founder/International Relations
Armstrong Adeka | Co-Founder/Chief Strategy Officer NiMEDix Ecosystems

Armstrong Adeka

Co-Founder/Chief Strategy Officer

Dr. Ajoko Jeffery

Rodney Idu Adeka | Blockchain Strategist NiMEDix Ecosystem

Rodney Idu Adeka

Blockchain Strategist
Matthew A. Adeyeye | Crypto consultant

Matthew A. Adeyeye

Crypto consultant
Simeon Ogo | Social Media Analyst

Simeon Ogo

Social Media Analyst
Victor Joseph | Strategist/Adviser

Victor Joseph


The Need For A Decentralized Platform

  • Medical tourism in 2017 is estimated to cost Nigeria approximately 500Billion Naira (1.3 Billion USD) per annum.
  • With a population of more than 190 million in 2019 and projected to hit 398.5 million in 2050, there is a huge gap between healthcare needs and actual provisions, which presents huge opportunities for multinationals with extensive capacity for research and capital for investments. Africa may be home to less than 15 percent of the world’s population but it is the continent where up to 25 percent of the world’s diseases occur
  • Centralized information silos a harbinger of fraud, expensive and difficult to coordinate, bulky and highly prone to loss, data theft and manipulation characterize the healthcare space
  • 3rd party (consumer) disintermediation, hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories and insurers use same old centralized logic in decision making; completely excluding the consumer from the process NiMEDix will bridge tha gap by putting you in complete control of your health data and an opportunity to monetize your data

NiMeDiX Solutions


Centralized network
  • Data loss/manipulation
  • Fraud, financial misappropriations poor funding, biased financial allocations
  • Consumer disintermediation/poor patient scheduling
  • Lack of data interoperability


Decentralized Network
  • NiMeDix ecosystem elecctronic health records system is safe, secure and gives you full control access to your health records powered by blockchain technology
  • Using a public ledger as a core of financial payment of the ecosystem eliminates fraud with an added advantage in resource allocation to the most suited sectors
  • Clients and patients, a good database to search for medial products and services and rate every facility based on quality of service provided
  • NiMeDix wayfinder application we provide a large inventory of hospitals, laboratories and pharmacies, to serve as guide for people seeking healthcare services