Africa's 1st Decentralized
HealthCare Ecosystem

NiMEDix Ecosystem aims to leverage on blockchain technology to solve an array of healthcare challenges that has plagued Africa for generations

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About Us


NiMEDix Ecosystem have been able to analyze very key challenges in the health sector of Africa and Nigeria, Brain drain and medical tourism, and understand the true challenge. We have created a bridge to transparent, efficient, traceable and inclusive (public) cycle of funding for the entire healthcare space.
NiMEDix is a hybrid idea proposition that clearly add all the benefits of blockchain to a traditional structure making it a truly disruptive solution, by opening up healthcare institutions to global resources and funds without the challenges and red tapes of centralized financing institutions.
NiMEDix at the moment is focused on Nigeria from the perspective NEED and BUSINESS opportunity, we aim to leverage the robust youth population and will to invest in technology and online solutions, placing Nigeria in the 5th position in the number of Bitcoin holders globally, over 750 million USD is spent yearly on sports betting, unemployment reaching 35%, all these negatives strengthen our decision and proposition to create an ecosystem that connects the healthcare sector to this AMAZING OPPORTUNITY to invest and benefit from the project.
The challenges are real and we must all collaborate to laydown the necessary infrastructure to accommodate the needs of booming population.

Our Best Team

Ochoche .D. Ubenyi | Founder/CEO NiMEDix Ecosystem

Ochoche .D. Ubenyi

Founder/Chief Executive Officer
Yanum .T. Emmanuel | Co-Founder/Lead Developer NiMEDix Ecosystem

Yanum .T. Emmanuel

Co-Founder/Lead Developer
Gift Akipu Adekwu | Co-Founder/International Relations NiMEDix Ecosystems

Gift Akipu Adekwu

Co-Founder/International Relations
Armstrong Adeka | Co-Founder/Chief Strategy Officer NiMEDix Ecosystems

Armstrong Adeka

Co-Founder/Chief Strategy Officer

Our Roadmap

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Token Sale

Token Name
  • NiMEDix
  • (NiM)
Soft Cap
  • 10,000,000 tokens @ 0.1$/ NiM (1mil USD)
Hard Cap
  • 100,000,000 tokens @ 0.1$ / NiM (10 Mil USD)
Tokens Distribution
  • 30 days after token sale ends

Token allocation Forecast

  • 5% Advisers
  • 6% Bounty Programme
  • 5% Reserve Fund
  • 20% Team
  • 2% Partnerships
  • 60% Token Sales
  • Social Promotions
  • 5% Legal
  • 10% Community
  • 5% Operations
  • 12% Marketing
  • 3% Reserve
  • 65% Project Developent


Frequently Asked Questions

NiMEDix is a Nigerian-based organization poised to providing an innovative next-generation healthcare solution designed to meet specific patients needs and services using the AI and blockchain technology to connect doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and scientific research facilities to improve patient care.

The core of NiMEDix is grounded in the proven and tested advantages of applying AI and blockchain technology to meet vast array Africa’s health care challenges.

The appeal of AI is its ability to collect, analyze and make sense of vast amounts of unstructured and variable data (especially text, statistical numbers, and visual images) quickly and often more accurately than a human being. With the increase in digitization and computing power, there has been an ever-growing wealth of digital data produced by individuals and systems, and advances in machine learning and analytical algorithms mean AI systems will become ever more powerful and effective.

Blockchain technology will provide services for individual professionals and organizations to share patient data securely, and allow medical research institutions to collect, monitor and analyze medical data securely, reliably and safely. It will allow sensitive data in clinical trial applications to be shared consistent with rigorous privacy and ethical requirements.

NiMEDix blockchain and smart contract technology can be applied to the medical AI to help conduct clinical research and routine care. It will provide a platform for clinical decision making (clinical investigation, diagnosis, etc.), management of care (treatment, workflow, monitoring, etc.), and particularly distributed services and knowledge sharing

Anyone can participate in NIM’s tokensale. Before taking part please make sure you are eligible to participate in the Nimedix token sale depending on your jurisdiction. In general, residents of the United States and Singapore can’t participate in token sales. Even if you are not a resident of United States and Singapore, please be sure to check if there are any regulatory restrictions in your country or state.